Fill Cartridges

The RoboCAP has a capability to fill Cartridges, BB Tanks and Pens. We 3D print a personalized tray to fit your size product and program it specifically. Each product comes with 3 trays used for filling. The filling head will also move to the correct centre for each size being filled. 

The fill volume for each specific product is programmed by ATG Pharma by adjusting time and pressure. Heat can also be applied to the vessel and lines to allow a viscous product to flow smoothly.

The machines come programmed and ready for filling. The process for operator is as follows;

1. Operator loads empty cartridge/pen into holding fixture
2. Operator places fixture on filling platform
3. Operator selects correct program for specific product
4. The RoboCAP fills all containers in the fixture automatically
5. The tray is moved to capping and labeling, if needed.

ATG Pharma can also assist in finding the correct capping and labeling machines to meet the requirements of the containers, batch sizes and available space.