Fill Capsules

The RoboCAP has the capability of filling capsules. The RoboCAP fills capsules from size 00 to 5 With the RoboCap, you will have the ability to also fill many different sizes all with one machine. Just change the program, change the tray and press start!

The Profiller is included with the machine.  

The process of filling capsules is as follows;

  1. Operator uses Profiller to fill empty capsules in tray, then separates top of the capsule from bottom
  2. Operator places the tray of empty capsule bottoms on filling platform
  3. RoboCAP automatically fills capsules
  4. Operator uses Profiller to close capsules and empty filled capsules into
  5. Repeat process


ATG Pharma can also assist in finding the correct capping and labeling machines to meet the requirements of the containers, batch sizes and available space.