About Us

The RoboCAP is proudly manufactured in Canada by ATG Pharma and can be serviced anywhere in North America.


We know that the hardest part about producing your own product isn’t the actual manufacturing process, it’s the production! Our goal at ATG Pharma is to provide our customers with the ability to fill their own products, giving them the opportunity to easily control production, while assuring the greatest quality control possible. We have innovated and engineered the RoboCAP series to bring you unparalleled versatility and productivity in the market.

With the help of our equipment, you will have the ability to fill a variety of productions such as; Capsules, Bottles, Vials and E-cig Juices. This gives our customers the opportunity to be able to expand in various oil and liquid products all under one machine!


The RoboCAP is a one-of-a-kind liquid filling machine that offers the versatility and quality like none other, all at a cost unmatched on the market. We strive for excellence at ATG Pharma by programming the RoboCAP specifically to our customer’s filling needs and also send a representative to your facility to teach your team how to use it.


Whether it’s filling capsules, vials, tinctures or bottles, the RoboCAP does it all! The RoboCAP is the leading liquid filler for the Vape and Medical Marijuana industries. We also provide liquid filling services for Natural Health companies and other companies that require liquid filling needs.

We believe that the RoboCAP should be found operating in all production labs and facilities that is involved in the liquid filling business across the continent!


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We truly appreciate your interest in the RoboCAP and hope that we can be a catalyst to the growth and efficiency of your business.


Thank you,

ATG Pharma