The RoboCAP can be programmed to fill any product you need.

The RoboCAP is extremely easy to use, clean and maintain.

The RoboCAP can be upgraded in the future with more Dispense Nozzles and Products you need filled.

The RoboCAP has the capability of filling capsules.

The RoboCAP has the ability to fill cartridges and pens.

The RoboCAP has the ability to fill bottles from size 1ml to 250ml.

The RoboCAP has the ability to fill different size tinctures and bottles with different heights.

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ATG Pharma Inc, warrants equipment against defects in material for a period of three years from the original date of purchase of the product by the customer


With background in the Pharmaceutical industry, we pride ourselves in serving our customers only the highest quality standard products.


Have weird size bottles or vials? No problem. With the purchase of a RoboCAP, ATG Pharma creates custom 3D printed trays specific for YOUR bottle or product.